October 13, 2020 19:39

2020w41 development report

Here is a summary of this week developments on Bank Tycoon.

After a long summer break (and a few miss in weekly development reports as well), colder days bring with them longer indoor and development time. This past week work was mostly focused on delivering alliance versus alliance combat through fortresses.


  •     translation(alliance): Fix typo on french alliance translations
  •     feature(office): Improve translation for building list
  •     bugfix(security): Add experience on successful fortress defense
  •     feature(security): Reduce reward after successful fortress attack
  •     feature(security): Post a message in general chat on fortress conquest
  •     translation(security): Add missing french translation for hacker in reserve of fortress
  •     refactor(security): Split Attacks service into 2
  •     translation(office): Add missing bots_server french translation
  •     feature(security): Notify hacker owner and commander on fortress defense
  •     bugfix(security): Clear defense bots after fortress successful attack
  •     bugfix(security): Display fortress name on attacks overview page
  •     feature(search): Add fortresses to search engine
  •     translation(security): Add missing attack_fortress translation
  •     bugfix(home): Remove carrousel code from main.js
  •     feature(home): Restyle blog post list display
  •     feature(community): Add ranking by alliance prestige
  •     feature(security): Finish fortress attacks
  •     bugfix(community): Fix rankings are refreshed at every display
  •     feature(security): Add fortress attack duration rule
  •     translation(wiki): Fix typo on french "Publish an update"
  •     bugfix(security): Add missing attack_fortress template
  •     feature(alliance): Display attack reports for alliance members


See you soon