October 20, 2020 18:55

2020w42 development report

Here is a summary of this week developments on Bank Tycoon.

This week work has been mostly focused on fixing bugs (thanks to FreeManStars for his numerous reports).

One new feature to notice, the addition of the first stock indicators to shares variation graphs. More might come later.

  •     bugfix(derivatives): Fix incorrect amount in derivatives deal notification
  •     bugfix(): Update URL to charts library to force browser cache update
  •     feature(finance): Add SMA & SMA 50 indicators to stock charts
  •     chore(finance): Update charts library to 8.2.0
  •     bugfix(finance): Fix stock chart display on Monday
  •     translation(security): Add some missing bot check translations
  •     bugfix(): Fix duration display for durations longer or equal to one day.
  •     bugfix(security): Add missing check handler on hacker fleet composition


See you soon