October 27, 2020 18:36

2020w43 development report

Here is a summary of this week developments on Bank Tycoon.

This week sees a good number of novelties such as the return of lottery, the possibility to immediatly complete productions by paying some ingots, a new UI for bank dashboard including ingots and information charts and many others


  •     bugfix(community): Fix lottery cost display
  •     bugfix(office): Remove dump statement from code
  •     feature(community): Rework lottery and enable it for all players
  •     feature(): Display features unlocked at upcoming levels in leftbar
  •     feature(office): Improve production selector
  •     feature(office): Add hasten action for resource producers
  •     bugfix(dashboard): Improve responsiveness of security tab
  •     feature(dashboard): Small UI improvements on homepage
  •     feature(dashboard): Add caching to user chart data
  •     feature(dashboard): Add information and ingots graphs on dashboard
  •     bugfix(finance): Improve name for local storage share chart prefrences key
  •     feature(finance): Store stock indicators display preferences in local storage
  •     bugfix(home): Fix email display on user profile
  •     bugfix(admin): Fix link to home profile on player tab
  •     feature(wiki): Display pages by language and alphabetic order on homepage
  •     bugfix(dashboard): Do not display production buildings if no production building in office
  •     translation(alliance): Add missing french error messages on fortress
  •     bugfix(alliance): Prevent giving derivatives when fortress max level is reached
  •     feature(dashboard): Combine office & bank tabs into one
  •     feature(regions): Display hourly agencies earnings on world overview
  •     feature(finance): Add total portfolio value display on portfolio page
  •     feature(alliance): Split recruitment column into 2 on alliance list

See you soon