November 17, 2020 20:09

2020w46 development report

Here is a summary of this week developments on Bank Tycoon.

After some struggles on versions and low level tasks, I'm are back on a faster development rythm, helped with increased development time "thanks to" French lockdown and colder weather. This week developments adds 2 new features to reward users who connects every day: roulette, a daily game to earn different prizes such as bots, ingots, derivatives, information and hacker training, a daily opportunity to train each of your hackers.


  •     bugfix(home): Fix resend password action
  •     feature(admin): Add attack cleanup action
  •     chore(): Lint code
  •     feature(community): re-order community leftbar links
  •     feature(community): Add daily roulette notification
  •     feature(community): Improve roulette UI
  •     feature(user): Display connection streak counter on edit profile page
  •     feature(user): Reduce ingot cost to change bankname
  •     feature(community): Add roulette
  •     security(security): Do no send new token when received token is invalid
  •     feature(security): Display ongoing attacks on security homepage
  •     feature(security): Move "fire hacker" action to hacker profile
  •     feature(security): Add daily reminder for hacker training
  •     bugfix(search): Fix undefined variable on empty search
  •     feature(security): Add daily training attacks for hackers
  •     feature(home): Add admin overview for blog comments
  •     chore(home): Update dependencies
  •     feature(home): Add autocomplete to profile timezone
  •     feature(home): Add comment section on blog articles
  •     bugfix(security): Set hacker status date to null when moved back to reserve
  •     feature(finance): Increase market volatility
  •     feature(community): Add option to draw lottery for current day
  •     bugfix(): Fix typo in french full date format
  •     bugfix(community): Fix lottery winner display


You can now comment blog post, so feel free to do it.


See you soon