January 19, 2021 22:19

2021w02 development report

Here is a summary of this week developments on Bank Tycoon.

This week developments mostly focused on bugfix following the big release of last week introcducing PvP and a few quality of life improvement.

  •     feature(messagerie): Add ability to remove access from conversation
  •     bugfix(regions): Fix city defense reduction after attack
  •     feature(regions): Add color change for control points
  •     bugfix(regions): Enable setup in a country earned with city attack
  •     feature(user): Display controlpoints on player profile
  •     bugfix(office): Fix duplicated crab trading office in building list
  •     bugfix(): Fix several progress-bar
  •     bugfix(alliance): Fix fortress upgrade progress bar
  •     bugfix(alliance): Do not notify new fortress commander on self-promotion

Thanks to Godoc & FreeManStars for their feature suggestion. Next week development should be focused on email notification on Home server and eventually adding wiki content around all features introduced by PvP.


See you soon