February 2021 development report

February 25, 2021 21:16 by stoakes in development

I've been quite bad on development reports recently. Not a single one in 6 weeks, despite numerous changes.

Here's a bulk of all changes added to the game during that time. Use comments to  share modifications you had not noticed and the one you like most.


  •     feature(admin): Add job to clean database
  •     feature(wiki): Add ability to create children page for wiki
  •     feature(security): Change hacker training plans
  •     bugfix(admin): Fix values show on admin
  •     bugfix(home): Fix reply to type in activity emails
  •     feature(community): Improve lottery UI
  •     feature(home): Add admin command to clean unused remember me token
  •     bugfix(office): Order bot production building by name
  •     bugfix(dashboard): Make sure security tab always displays some content
  •     feature(security): Improve wording for some attack reports types
  •     bugfix(security): Display targeted control point name for raid attacks
  •     bugfix(search): Improve control point search results text
  •     translation(security): Typo fixes on security french translations
  •     feature(messagerie): Add paginator at the bottom of conversation
  •     feature(regions): Display attack on agencies (on region page)
  •     bugfix(alliance): Do not notify fortress commander for fortress actions on their own hackers
  •     feature(admin): Display most recent moderation events at the top
  •     bugfix(home): Fix exception on registration when sponsor is invalid
  •     feature(dashboard): Display admin messages on home page
  •     bugfix(home): Enable sentry
  •     bugfix(home): Fix registration
  •     feature(regions): Enable Colombia, Iran, South Korea, Congo, Peru
  •     feature(user): Add admin message & back office
  •     feature(admin): Improve user list columns
  •     bugfix(security): Add pagination for defense & attack reports list
  •     feature(security): Reduce hacker experience loss on defeat
  •     feature(regions): Change attack button color if contol point is loot only
  •     feature(security): Add attack cancellation
  •     feature(security): Increase hacker training attack time to 3 minutes
  •     feature(regions): Add loot only control points
  •     feature(community): Multiply roulette information rewards by 5
  •     feature(user): Add booster for players connecting after 7 days of absence
  •     feature(home): Add username in profile title
  •     bugfix(home): Fix error on account removal page
  •     feature(home): Add admin action for activity reminder
  •     feature(messagerie): Send notification email on new private message
  •     feature(home): Increase delay between new PM email
  •     feature(mission): Split mission 9 into 2
  •     bugfix(dashboard): Fix construction progress-bar on homepage
  •     feature(): Add user account removal
  •     feature(home): Add account removal from home server
  •     feature(home): Add ban & unban system
  •     feature(home): Add moderation log page to admin
  •     feature(home): Add user list in administration
  •     feature(home): Add API to send emails
  •     feature(home): Default to login link on "unable to connect" view
  •     feature(user): Display alliance rank on user profile
  •     feature(messagerie): Add pagination to conversation thread
  •     feature(alliance): Add direct link to fortress in alliance navbar
  •     feature(alliance): Display alliance member list ordered by level
  •     translation(derivatives): Fix typo on french message
  •     bugfix(): Fix progress-bars
  •     bugfix(security): Fix fortress level required for bot production
  •     feature(home): Add direct email unsubscribe page
  •     feature(home): Add user email preferences
  •     feature(home): Split settings into different tabs & add password change
  •     bugfix(security): Fix bot cancellation reducing production time for every production


See you soon