June 2023 development report

June 29, 2023 07:22 by stoakes in development

Hello there,

It's been a while ! No development report since February 2021 ...

Since then, I mostly revamped the User Interface to make it smoother (no more refresh between page load, à la 2010) and more dynamic : with numerous push from the server to the user. That was in August 2021. After that, I moved to other topics and have only kept the lights on for Bank Tycoon : Update to newer version of Caddy, Symfony & PHP mostly. Nothing much interesting for our usual players.

Yet, this summer, I enjoy re-opening Bank Tycoon code base and bring some long awaited development. It's been so long, I forgot how at least half the detailled mechanism of the game are working. I'll see how I can make Bank Tycoon easier and more focused.

We still have a decent number of users, but the interactive parts (such as derivative market) are not active. So I'll also see how I can improve that. And some changes around hacker training & competition for regions as well.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

Here are some recent changes on Bank Tycoon :

    feature(community): Change ranking to only include active players
    feature(wiki): Change wiki version comparaison from form to JS
    chore(): Update to PHP 8.2
    chore(): Remove a bunch of deprecations notices following move to Symfony 6.3
    chore(): Update footer copyright to 2023
    doc(security): Fix typo in hacker's help
    chore(home): Update dependencies
    bugfix(home): Catch exception when user provides an invalid email

See you soon